Case Studies

We do some researches from time to time. We struck with unusual problems from time to time. This is life, we live in the real world. Dealing with
complex problems make us stronger.
case study

Here we want to share our knowlege where, we believe, this could help to you to solve your problem. And you would better understand
who we are and how we work.

Reporting Systems Review & Evaluation

This is a working copy of a review of reporting systems existed in 2012 targeted to assist to management to choose a proper software.
The case study is provided "as is" and should not be treated as a comprehensive reference.


Test Automation Frameworks Review

An excerpts of a research that was created for one of our clients when they needed to choose a tool for automating their tests.


Migrating Datacenter to Rackspace

One of our clients, a large multinational company, decided to move production server infrastructure from a datacenter, which had been maintained by another large multinational company, to a cloud hosting, Rackspace.


DDoS Attack Protection

This is how well–prepered professionsl network administrator could beat DDoS attacker.