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Have any questions? +1 646.844.5712 (US)

Have any questions? +1 646.844.5712 (US)

Managed Services

Choosing deployment & technical support outsourcing team is easy with HiTech Service LLC

Powerful IT infrastructure is a must for a modern enterprise. Keeping all these services running and secure is called IT service management is as important as it’s setup.

During past 10 years in HiTech Service LLC we have gathered a highly experienced technical support team ready for tasks of any difficulty including all kinds of configuration and remote administration of both hardware and applications, deployments and scripting.

We work both, with free and paid software solutions, giving priority to free software where possible. This greatly cuts down expenses when working on infrastructure management projects.

As a part of DBA services outsourcing and technical support outsourcing our team provides following:

  • Windows Server Management, Linux Server Management and BSD systems;
  • Security Device Management (Firewalls, VPN, Anti-Virus, Web Security, IDS, IPS, End Point Security);
  • Database scripting and database configuration (MS SQL, Oracle, MySQL administration, PostgreSQL);
  • Mongodb management services;
  • Storage Management (SAN, DAS, NAS);
  • Network Management (routing);
  • Managed Communications (VoIP services provisioning, IPv4/IPv6 infrastructure);
  • Managed Messaging (Email services, MS Exchange, IM);
  • Enterprise Monitoring Services (Nagios, IBM Tivoli, Splunk, Microsoft System Centre).
  • Research and development of the system to implement CI and auto deployments. CI/CD configuration and support. Designing and developing scripts/tools for Continuous Integration & Continuous Deployments;
  • Configuration and support of cloud spaces. Designing and developing automation templates/tools for infrastructure provisioning, configuration & change management;
  • Optimization of environment configuration;
  • Assist project teams with technical issues in all phases of a projects life cycle. These include definition of hardware and cloud infrastructure needs, technical strategy, research and development within the project life-cycle, technical analysis and design;
  • Engineering of infrastructure related solutions for various project and operational needs;
  • Automate software builds, configuration, and deployments to testing and production environments;
  • Develop system to monitor production systems and trigger alerts when issues are detected using Zabbix, Nagios, Stackdriver;
  • Diagnose internal networks and debug networking issues;
  • Continually investigate methods to improve system reliability and performance;
  • Building and deploy applications to dev/test/prod environments;
  • Automating configuration management, infrastructure, and application deployments in a toolset such as Puppet, Chef, Ansible or Salt;
  • Experience with Docker and containerization strategies;
  • Developing automation for application running on private and public cloud infrastructure environments such as AWS / Google Cloud;
  • Source control using tools such as GIT;
  • Automation of applications through RESTful APIs;
  • Scripting skills in a language such as Shell, Python, Perl, JavaScript, Ruby, or PowerShell;
  • Experience with software testing, including designing and implementing unit, component, and system-level tests;
  • Background in network or storage design and administration;
  • Problem identification skills for issue resolution and root cause analysis;

Why outsource managed services to HiTech Service?

  • Lowers your operational costs, with minimal up-front costs;
  • Includes comprehensive monitoring and management solutions for server, storage, network and middleware;
  • Enables you to focus on your core business and leave the IT management to certified and experienced subject matter experts team;
  • Improves infrastructure availability with 24/7 proactive monitoring;
  • Provides real-time reports, automated notifications and alerts;
  • Gives you access to the right combination of specialized remote competency centers and on-site capabilities.

Working according ISO 9001:2015 process and being available 24/7 our technical support outsource team is able to provide best service whether clients are in US, Europe or Asia.