Marketing and Packaging Workflow

The application is a centralized enterprise level marketing and packaging workflow solution that streamlines and monitors business processes while securely organizing artwork, layouts and other assets.

We provide the full SDLC including development, QA, user and technical support, auto and performance testing.

Software Development (Java EE, Glassfish, Oracle, JavaScript) QA Auto Testing Client Support Technical Support

Complete Logistics Management

The company provides comprehensive, Web-based functionality that automates logistics processes, and provides accurate analytical data so clients can make sound, strategic decisions.

Technically the system is build on Java EE/IBM WebSphere Application Server and Oracle DB.

We provide software and application development, QA and level 3 technical support for the system core.

Software Development (Java EE, JavaScript, Oracle) QA Technical Support


Graft Network is a new generation of cryptocurrency technology targeted on retail industry. Traditional blockchain-based currencies, even being perfect technically, suffer from an issue, that make their use in retail virtually impossible; that is a long transaction time and high fees.

Technical Support Client Support Infrastructure Design QA HTML5 Development Verifon Ingenico


#1 betting company in Russia, Ukraine, Belorussia, Georgia and some other CIS countries.

We provide infrastructure design and technical support.

Technical Support Infrastructure Design

AZ Gizmo

We provide a set of Amazon sellers tools to gather and analyze products on Amazon catalog in form of browser extension (Chrome extension), a SaaS application, iOS and Android apps for instant FBA fee calculation.

Software Development (JavaScript, jQuery, Bootstrap, ASP.NET, MS SQL, HTML5, Java, Swift) QA Client Support Technical Support

News and Analytics, Application Store

The industry’s most influential news and analytical portal and the Internet download directory website. We provide an QA service for the whole company’s set of web sites.

Also an application store was designed and developed.

Software Development (MS VC++, Chromium Embedded, HTML5/CSS3, JavaScript) QA


Gurt is the leading national centre for societal information and expertise.

We are responsible for maintaining the portal 24/7 and implementing new functionality.

Technical Support Infrastructure Design


The biggest aviation photography portal in Eastern Europe.

A coollaboration portal, photo and video database, advertisment platform targeted on aviation enthusiasts.

We provide development and technical support.

Software Development (LAMP, HTML5, Twig, Flash) QA Technical Support

Collaboration Portal

A collaboration portal for a US state agency built around Google's set business services. the portal provides mail, schedules, document storage and sharing, video conferencing etc.

We responsible for the whole SDLC including developent, QA, writing documentation, technical support and training.

Portal is mobile–friendly.

Software Development (Google Apps for Work, Google Script) QA Technical Support Training


We design, impement, deploy and support the Internet–based milk collecting management system for one of the biggest dairy producer in Eastern Europe.

We provide the full SDLC including development, QA, deployment, documenting, client and technical support and training.

Software Development (.NET, MS SQL, jQuery, Android) QA Client Support Technical Support

SMS Monitoring Solution

This service provides a complete solution for the monitoring, capture and archiving of SMS messages, Blackberry Messenger and Blackberry PIN-to-PIN messages sent from company mobile devices.

All text messages are identified, collected, and archived in a format that is easily accessible, allowing companies to establish meaningful internal compliance policies regarding mobile devices and to meet compliance mandates from all relevant regulatory bodies.

The system presently supports Blackberry, Windows Mobile and Android operating systems.


Mobile payment transactions system

Set of systems for processing mobile payment transactions for the world’s best known application stores and merchants. Payfone’s unique ability to leverage the mobile operator network to directly authorize and process payments drives higher sales conversion and revenue yield for merchants and mobile operators, while managing fraud and revenue leakage.

.NET 4.0 (WCF, ASP.NET, ADO.NET, Winforms), Oracle (ODP.NET), JavaScript (jQuery, ASP.NET AJAX).

Database migration project (undisclosed customer)

Migration all the company's database to MS SQL, as well as refactoring backend software, QA and maintaince.

Software Development (C#, PHP, C/C++) QA Database Design/Administrating (Sybase Adaptive Server, Informix, Oracle, DB/2, MS SQL) Technical Support

Weather Insurance Solution

Set of systems, the main goal of which is a support and automation of process of making contracts in the field of weather insurance by providing information related to the impact of weather on business decisions, including information tailored to the agriculture, retail and energy communities.

.NET 2.0 (ASP.NET, ADO.NET, Win Services) MS SQL JavaScript (jQuery, ASP.NET AJAX), Flash (ActionScript 3)

Predicting Fantasy Player Performance Portal

Fantasy Sports Weather is the best way to predict fantasy player performance.

Import your fantasy league rosters and let us do the statistical analysis for you.

FSW combines historical performance data meshed with historical weather statistics and REAL TIME forecast alerts to give you the ability to manage your roster and choose the players with the absolute best chance to earn valuable points.

Software Development (ASP.NET, MS SQL, HTML5) QA Support