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HiTech competency centers are the perfect way to take advantage of lower cost off–shore resources and cross group synergies. A HiTech competency center is a multi–discipline, dedicated team that works side–by–side to support each other. These teams are most effective as long–term investments so you can maintain institutional knowledge and leverage high productivity through entire product cycles.


The most effective competency center will have a research & development team, a managed services team, and a customer facing support group. The competency center will also have a reporting practice and a deployment project management team for enterprise software.

Typically the first group into the competency center will the Quality Assurance Team (QA) which touches all other disciplines. The QA team learns all aspects of the software and in turn helps hire and train the other groups.


The recommend minimum team size is 8 people, however, they can expand as needed to support your business. All members of a competency are hand-picked and take 90 days to get minimally staffed. We believe it's more important to get the right person in the right spot than just putting resources on the project so we can start bill.


Our customer realize the best value from a full competency center both in productivity and stability. Investing in maintaining institutional knowledge in a remote, lower cost team will increase the quality and speed of your deliveries without breaking your budget.

Contact us today for a free competency center analysis where we'll tell you the right size and cost for your team.

Eastman Kodak&Blue Software

Eastman Kodak Company is an American technology company focused on imaging solutions and services for businesses.

Kodak is the company that created mass–market amateur photography, enabled Hollywood movies and home videos, and invented digital photography.

BLUE Software is the leading SaaS provider for graphics workflow management and optimization. BLUE Software acquired KODAK Design2Launch Business in 2016, so now we are a part of BLUE Software team working on growing BrandManager and related services.

Under the partnership, HiTech Service established a remote offshore competency center for them.

This is an exemplary case of how effective competency center could be and how a remote competency center allowed business people concentrated on their needs being confident in the technical side of the business.