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Petya ransomware strikes back!

29 June, 2017

A new wave of malware attacks has been launched this week in Europe and has spread all over the world for the last 2 days. The name of the virus - Petya is well known and we have already written about the ways to protect your computer from this ransomware. Unfortunately, Ukrainian government (the European country that was attacked in the beginning of the wave) did not read our recommendations and lots of governmental and business networks were infected with Perya virus.

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Apple HomePod

9 June, 2017

Amazon's smart speaker Echo has been a huge success after it was released in June 2015. On May 2017 Google presented its own smart speaker, Google Home.

Now Apple has made a move releasing its version of the smart speaker - Apple HomePod.

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You don't WannaCry? How to be protected?

29 May, 2017

Protecting computer from viruses and other threats is becoming more and more challenging task year after year. Seems that antivirus giants are fighting with badware enthusiasts, turning customer devices into the never ending battlefield. The latest news from this war are not inspiring for users, since the new ransomware - WannCry (also known as WCry or WannaCrypt) hit millions of computers..

We already wrote about ransomware in general here, but WannaCry seems to be the most successful of these kind of malware, keeping device files as hostages, demanding money. Thousands of computers were affected around the world including personal computers, payment terminals enterprise networks and others.

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ISO 9001 certification

19 May, 2017

After many weeks of hard work and reviewing our processes I am pleased to announce that we have passed our ISO 9001:2015 audit and have been granted full qualification.

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Should you manually upgrade to Windows 10 Creators update?

3 May, 2017

Windows 10 Creators Update has been available for users for 2 weeks now, however we are still not able to get this patch through "Check for updates" and there is a reason for that. Browsing through Internet forums and reading multiple users' complaints I somehow recall classic chef Gordon Ramsay screaming "It's raw!!!!"

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