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ISO 9001 certification

19 May, 2017

After many weeks of hard work and reviewing our processes I am pleased to announce that we have passed our ISO 9001:2015 audit and have been granted full qualification.

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Should you manually upgrade to Windows 10 Creators update?

3 May, 2017

Windows 10 Creators Update has been available for users for 2 weeks now, however we are still not able to get this patch through "Check for updates" and there is a reason for that. Browsing through Internet forums and reading multiple users' complaints I somehow recall classic chef Gordon Ramsay screaming "It's raw!!!!"

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How to run plugins on FireFox 52?

18 Apr, 2017

If you are a big fan of Mozilla FireFox browser you might have noticed that different plugins like Java, Flash, oldschool Silverlight etc., stopped working. Starting from update 52 Firefox no longer supports different plugins.

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Poor Wifi signal?

30 Mar, 2017

There is no sense paying for high-speed internet at home or office if you can not take advantage of it. The simplest and most common example is when you are not getting desired connection speed via wifi.

It turns out that there may be multiple different root causes that drop Wifi speed or block it at all.

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SSD vanished from the list of drives? How to diagnose

15 Mar, 2017


It’s very unfortunate to find out one day that your disk drive, either SSD or HDD, stopped working and is no longer available in the list of devices. It's not only the price for the new PC part that matters here, this is gigs of valuable information that disappeared at a glance. So what should be done if you start your PC one day and see that you HDD or SSD are no longer available for you? First thing you do is trying to remember if all critical information is backed up on a cloud. After you recognise the loss or get a relief, you should try to diagnose the root cause.

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